Should I Be Better in One Adjustment?

Should I Be Better in One Adjustment?

One Adjustment.

I am frequently asked about adjustments, and one of the things that many people naturally assume is that if you are put “back in place”, it will instantly feel better and you can go on your merry way, laughing and running, skipping and jumping.  Unfortunately, our bodies don’t really work like that.  We are so complex, and chiropractic is so simple!

The adjustment puts the bone back in place, where the joints line up.  That takes pressure off of the nervous system by allowing the nerve to function completely.  In our spine, there are tiny holes formed by the stack of vertebra on top of one another that provide a pathway for the nerves, which branch off of the spinal cord, and go into our bodies everywhere.  This is how nerve branches get to muscles, organs and limbs.

Spinal degeneration

This picture depicts a degenerated spine where you can see the nerves coming out of the joint spaces in the spine.  Without proper space, the nerve gets irritated, causing pain and pressure wherever the nerve goes in the body.  That is a subluxation.  Chiropractors can put the bone back in place, very specifically, to make sure that the nerve can do it’s job.

This pictures shows what happens to a spine when it is not periodically checked.  The bones remain out of place, sometimes without symptoms because it’s not pressing on a pain nerve, but affects the function of the nerve nonetheless, and causes shearing in the joint. That shearing is what causes arthritis.  Arthritis, or inflammation of the joint, is caused by the friction between two bones that are not in their correct place.

What’s really cool about chiropractic is that it’s easy to get you feeling good when you are in pain, but then, it keeps you healthy long after your adjustment!  The power in a chiropractic adjustment is absolutely phenomenal!  When you get adjusted, the pressure that is on a nerve is released, allowing the electrical impulses from the brain to the spinal cord, from the spinal cord to the nerve branch and the nerve branch to the area or organ it affects -making your body function like it should!

When you really stop and think about it, our bodies are pretty amazing.  Chiropractic taps into that amazing potential by helping the body do better!  Get your spine checked and be healthy!


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